Welcome all to the Cronos Bot Society! After months of the Cronos Network growing and expanding throughout the crypto sphere, it is finally time for the Cronos Bots to be initialised from their hibernation chambers. We have been waiting for the perfect time to release the bots on to the network and take over...... That time is now upon us. The Cronos Bot Society aims to become a huge community of not just crypto enthusiasts but brand new people in the space. This will not be a one and done NFT project, we aim to not just expand but grow into something extremely special and raise awareness of just how great the Cronos network is and the people using it are!


Cronos Bot Society Team

BOTKING 🤖 (Project Leader)

As the name implies he is the leader and creator of Cronos Bot Society, with his innovative ideas we are sure this project will be a success.

SuperBot 🤖 (Site Developer)

Personal friend to BOTKING helped develop the site in lightning speed.

Community Managers 🤖


Twitter - DaveBro02227757

Bot Commander

Discord - Commander1#8493

Loaded Lion


Twitter - @Hung0190

Daniel Keith Hartness

Twitter - @hartness_daniel



Twitter - @BlockHeadzArt