BotMap V1

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  • Giveaways and promotion.
  • Initiate all 2000 Bots.
  • Reveal rarity of each trait.
  • Start staking via CRODEX.
  • Open secondary market on EbisusBay.
  • Look into partnerships with huge NFT projects and real world brands.
  • Develop the project into new and bigger ventures such as Gen 2, Finance integration etc.

BotMap V2

Further development of the Cronos Bot Society

Cronos Bot Society
  • Top 10 holders after 1st round of staking will recieve a CPU Upgrade Chip!
  • Next round of staking topped up for another 5 weeks.
  • Sneak peek at GEN2 Bots.
  • Airdrop to GEN1 holders (2 GEN1 Bots = 1 GEN2 Bot, after this every 5 GEN1 Bots held = 1 GEN2 Bot 🤖 (Max = 10 GEN2 Bots Airdropped).
  • Launch via lootpad.
  • Continued airdrops of CPU Upgrade Chips
  • Release of CBS coin via Crodex (huge liquidty from GEN2 mint)
  • Liquidity Pool added CBS/CRO pairing to get more CBS rewards.
  • Staking pool opened to acquire CBS Coins with Gen 1 and Gen 2 Bots.
  • Release of Upgrade Lab!!
  • Give Gen 1 Holders the ability to upgrade a Bot!!
  • More in the works for the overall progress of the project 🤖