Ballin Bots Collection

CBS: Ballin Bots Airdrops/WL (GEN 1 Holders)

ballin bot
ballin bot

CBS: Ballin Bots Mint Price, Supply & Features.

The mint prices are as follows :-

WL Price: 250CRO

PL Price: 300CRO

CBS:Ballin Bots Supply & Royalties :-

3000 Overall (500 for airdrop roughly, could be more!)

10% royalty fees which will be put back into CBS ecosystem! (raffle prizes for example)

CBS Coin Introduction :-

300,000 Cronos initial Liquidity!

Staking pool for Gen 1 and Gen 2 holders to earn $CBS!

Liquidity Pair of $CBS/$CRO to double down on rewards!

Whitepaper for tokenomics to come.